Industries & Functions

Auditsi recognizes that every country around the world has its own social & cultural framework. We believe that our clients are best served by professionals who wherever possible live & work in the location where the appointment is based, who can bring specialized understanding of these local business customs and practices and who have ownership in the business in which they work.
Auditsi is organized in industry and functional practices. Our Industry Practices employ experienced professionals from specific markets areas who are deeply immersed in the target business community - often with a successful industry career behind them.
Our Functional Practice experts understand the nuances of successful senior appointments, and provide discrete access to industry leaders. The combination of both disciplines is key in delivering successful candidates for top jobs.

Industry Practices

01. Business & Professional Services
The continuing globalization of this high-end, high-value sector demands exceptional leaders, who know how to differentiate services, embrace innovation and deliver value.

02. Consumer Products & Services
Technological advances, globalization and the Internet are reshaping the rules in today's consumer & retail services market, demanding exceptional talent at the top.

03. Education
As educational institutions continue to fight for their position in a changing economic and social model, leadership talent becomes a critical factor in success.

04. Energy & Utilities
Today's energy and utility corporations face intense market and competitive pressures: Strong leadership is the driving force that shapes the successful company.

05. Financial Services
Financial services firms require strong leaders, global visionaries and superbly qualified professionals to move them forward in the 21st Century.

06. Health Care
The growing focus on the health care sector from a population with spiralling expectations and often an ageing profile, requires leaders who can manage opportunity and challenge in equal measure.

07. Industrial
Globalization, mergers and acquisitions, vertical integrations and partnerships, all demand more of the people at the top.

08. Information & Communications
The demand for new leaders is endless for both information & communications organizations selling into the enterprise, as well as convergent, web and wireless enabled technology businesses.

09. Media & Entertainment
A magnet for talented young people, the essential element in success in the media & entertainment business is securing senior executives who have the vision, energy and acumen to make the right decisions.

10. Public Sector & Not for Profit
The public & not for profit sector makes decisions that affect all of our lives - usually in full view of public scrutiny.

11. Technology
In technology, with apparently boundless application and insatiable markets, it is the human factor - leadership - that differentiates the stellar successes from the rest.